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What are Pen in a Box branches?

Pen in a Box is an organization spread out to schools around the world. This was possible thanks to our branch leaders who established Pen in a Box in their schools by creating a club, working as a school organization, or cooperating with other school initiatives (such as NHS). Branches are the backbone of Pen in a Box, as they collect school supplies in their schools, and reach out to individuals, nonprofits, and church organizations to deliver the gathered supplies (an exception to branches with students in need locally, as they deliver the gathered supplies directly).

How do branches collect school supplies?

Because every school is different in its policies, there is not a set rule regarding the collection of school supplies. Some of the methods that branches employ are having boxes around the school where students can drop off school supplies, conducting drives, or holding competitions among homerooms regarding what homeroom collects the most school supplies. With access to our community of branches and branch leaders, we always come up with new ideas and solutions

How do branches deliver school supplies?

There are two types of branches:

  • Branches which have at-risk communities locally: they deliver school supplies to children and schools directly
  • Branches which ship internationally: they contact local individuals, nonprofits, and church organizations and piggy back the collected supplies on their trips to at-risk communities

How do I become a branch leader?

There is one requirement in becoming a branch leader: a heart to help those in need. We believe that changes occur not through a single individual, but through a common effort of many. If you want to be a part of a movement, of a society of like-hearted friends, then join us. We are here to make a change.

Shoot us an email to join Pen in a Box. We hope we’ll hear from you soon!

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