our VisionCreating a world where every person is educated

People generally do not talk much about the global educational crisis. However, today, there are approximately 264 million children and youth out of school. Experts claim that if all adults completed secondary school, the global poverty rate would be cut in half.
We believe that education is key in empowering people. We’ve started fighting the educational crisis by delivering school supplies to students in need.

How we startedThe world saw a pen.
We saw hope.

Students end up wasting most of the school supplies they purchase in the beginning of the year. People would be surprised by the sheer amount of school supplies scattered here and there in their households. And during locker clean outs, one can easily notice that students generally throw away most of their school supplies for a fresh start.

However, so many students around the world do not have the necessary school supplies. Many times, governments aid students with fees for schools and teachers, but students have to carry the burden of purchasing their own school supplies. The inability to purchase pens, pencils, and notebooks, therefore, leads to many students dropping out of school.

We created Pen in a Box to iron out this evident disparity, by conducting school supply drives at our schools and sending them to students in need. From a small club started in a school in Massachusetts, Pen in a Box is now branched out to many schools around the world.

We believe that education is key to reviving a country, and that only through education, can the seemingly infinite cycle of poverty come to an end. As students, we see hope in each pen and pencil, and work to deliver this hope.

How we workA Network of Branches and Partners

Pen in a Box is spread out to many schools around the world. Each middle school, high school, and college branch conducts school supply drives throughout the year. Meanwhile, college branches recruit international students traveling back home and partner with groups and organizations going to volunteer trips to places in need. High school and middle school branches, then, ship the collected school supplies to a nearby college branch. College branches add the received school supplies to the ones that they’ve collected and piggyback the supplies on students/groups traveling to places in need.

Become a Branch Leader

Join our network of branch leaders all around the world and be the change

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Our processFind out how our Branches work

  • Collect School Supplies

    Both High/Middle School and College branches collect school supplies throughout the school year

  • Assemble a Team and Forge Partnerships

    College branches create a delivery route by partnering with volunteer groups at their schools and recruiting international students who travel back home regularly

  • Ship School Supplies Domestically

    High/Middle School branches ship the collected school supplies to the near by college branches

  • Piggy Back the School Supplies

    College branches piggy back the received/collected school supplies on the trips of students/groups going to places in need.

  • Delivery

    Our partnering students and volunteer groups deliver our school supplies to schools and villages in need

our TeamMeet our branch leaders all over the world


David Byun

Founder and Co-Director, Northeastern University

Mora Holmgren-Ly

Co-Director, Northeastern University

Aidan Wright

Branch leader at Stuttgart high School, Germany

Sekou Malcom Jabateh Jr.

Branch Director at NYU Abu Dhabi

Portia Kuivi

Branch Director at Tema International School, Ghana Branch's Face Book Page

Leo Petri Rocha

Branch Leader at Escola Alema Corcovado, Brazil

Zarina Yelshibek and Madina Alyonava

Branch leaders at Nazarbaev Intellectual School, Kazakhstan

Jane Ngarmnil

Branch Leader at Shrewsbury International School, Thailand

Lili Zemplenyi

Branch Leader at Fazekas DOK, Hungary

Beniamin Strezelecki

Branch director at Eastern Mediterranean International School, Israel

Yina Anyachebelu

Branch director at Lawrenceville High School, New Jersey

Grace Cui

Branch director at Mission San Jose High School, California

Ester Ham

Branch director at Christian Academy of Guatemala

Nicholas Zhang

Branch Leader at St. Clare’s Oxford, United Kingdom

Jasper Wang and Emily Wang

Branch directors at Palo Alto High School, California

Henry Barklam and Nurasyl Shokeyev

Branch directors at Eton College, United Kingdom

David Pines

Branch director at Collegiate School, New York

Aanya Agarwal

Branch director at Delhi Public School Ruby Park, India

Aditi Venkatesh

Branch director at Melbourne, Australia Branch's Face Book Page

Rahul Dev

Branch director at St. Paul Academy and Summit School, Minnesota

Ally Teichman and Tayli Shekleton

Branch directors at Springfield High School, Illinois

Yeram Kang

Branch leader at Princeton High School, New Jersey

Daniel Byun

Branch director at Taejon Christian International School, Korea

Ana Ali

Branch director at Hopkinton High School, MA

Sasha Hussain and Shayla Blair

Branch directors at Foxborough High School, Massachusetts Branch's Instagram

Susan Zhang

Branch director at Miss Porter’s School, Connecticut

Sireesh Ramesh

Branch director at Chattahoochee High School, Georgia

Ivy Manna

Branch leader at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, UK

Maria Santiago

Branch director at Milford High School, Massachusetts

Lindsay Gassman

Branch director at Winter Springs High School, Florida

Natalia Vazquez

Branch director at Miscoe Hill Middle School


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